There is a lot that goes into a real estate portfolio. The investor decides on investment property to increase assets. Financial pre-approval is obtained and property investment companies are reviewed. They are not all the same, so services, customer satisfaction, and success rates have to be compared. Questions need to be answered. What is the process by which the company deals with the investor? How are properties researched? What services are included? Are there any services after the sale is completed? Based on the answers, a real estate property investment company is chosen. Then the process really begins.

The chosen company has many free services such as loan services, calculators for determining payments and return on investment, free consultations, financial plans based on property available, property forums, and cash flow reports. The company utilizes interviewers, accountants, researchers, builders, financiers, managers, and businessmen and women to deal with the investor. Investment tracking is done after the sale is completed, and future opportunities that match the investor profile are brought to the investor’s attention to provide more opportunities for investing. Tenants are found for property, and managers are found for developments. That indicates there are employment opportunities available for referral partners, accountants, independent consultants, property managers, real estate agents, and executives. The investor may also have an interest in becoming an employee.

The process continues because the investor has learned that the company has franchises all over the Country and there are vacant and developing properties in several locations. The company is looking to expand. That presents the opportunity for the investor to become a business owner. The investor knows that franchises are a way to be your own boss without taking all the risks associated with opening a new business. The policies, methods, and procedures are already in place. Owners receive extensive training, ongoing support, and marketing materials. The formula for the business works, and is taught to owners so they can properly set up their business.

Training is provided to any personnel hired, so employees will know what is expected of them, their roles are defined, and performance valuations are standardized. There are printed materials available for marketing, advertising is Country wide, and there is an online presence. The franchise owner just needs to plug into local media, establish their location with social media, and wait for customers to find the location. Business expansion will be expected, but an initial customer base already exists. That little real estate portfolio that was started may well turn out to be a whole new career opportunity.